The Steampunk Feel

Here are a few concepts to help you getting into the feel of playing in a Steampunk world.

  1. While waiting for a villain to walk into your ambush, or as you travel from one part of the scenario to another, possibly even as you take cover in a firefight, don’t be afraid to stop everything and sit down with a relaxing glass of whiskey. Comment on the smooth oak taste, regardless of the impending doom you’ve set out to prevent, or the horror you are investigating. Once that refreshment period is over, continue on your adventure.
  2. Nearing the end of the day? Start talking about how much good a full night’s rest will do you. Describe your bed and how many hours sleep is most healthy. Continue your vitally important mission tomorrow.
  3. Treat every word with an “or” in it as if it were spelled “our.” Some unsavoury fellows might sell you some strangely coloured tonic with an odd odour and flavour to it. Even if you don’t write the words, think of them that way.
  4. Can’t sleep one night? Head down to the local brothel, smoke a cigar or two in their parlour and discuss your worries and problems with the local madam, one of the employees, or perhaps a buddy or contact of yours who is highly likely to show up. Throw all gender norms for the time period aside as to who might be playing what role.
  5. When designing your character, consider mixing the Flaws Tied (to Spouse) and Devoted (to Lover). It was not uncommon for married people to have both spouses and lovers. In fact, in some cases many people (again, of either gender) might have to introduce any perspective lovers to their spouse for approval. But, in social public functions, it was strictly married couples.
  6. Consider taking the Feat “Servant,” just so you can toss the word “manservant” around in casual conversation.
  7. Never eat anything common. You didn’t eat chicken and green beans, you had Filet Mignons Lili Saute’ of Chicken and Lyonnaise Vegetable Marrow Farcie. Go to great lengths describing the special little details of what you eat, every time.
  8. Take a moment to obsess over whether you’re wearing this year’s fashions or if you need to upgrade your wardrobe.
  9. When a harried individual bangs on your door at 3am with some information vital to solving or starting the adventure, demand their calling card before hearing them speak, and then take some time analyzing it and its intricacies. Likewise, put some effort into designing yours.
  10. If you are upper class or lower class, treat the other as a completely different species, because in practical terms they are. If you are middle class, pretend you are upper class.
  11. Bored? Head down to the local factory, mill, or mine. There will always be trouble waiting there. Alternatively, the wretched slums also work.
  12. Don’t be afraid to design your character with an iron cranium, pincers in place of one of your hands, a big magnifying gem in place of one of your eyes, or some ridiculous number of tattoos. Combine these with formalwear. Or just undergarments, either way.
  13. If you are a scientist and experiment on human subjects, come up with some logical justification for your actions and feel no remorse for them. It’s all in the name of progress.

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