Steampunk Creations

While these are not for sale, I wanted to display a few of the other items created by Uber Goober Games artists.


I call this first one the Gift from the Goblin Professor. It holds at least 30psi and fires whatever you put down the barrel. Corks and baby powder make a nice effect, and the cork goes about half a block.

This hat actually works and keeps good time.  The 12, 3, 6, and 9 numbers along with the green stains on the metal glow in the dark, for whatever that’s worth.

I’m not sure why I liked the idea of of steampunk grenades so much, but, here they are.

These were both experiments that didn’t work as well as originally intended, but not bad.

This one looks good, but isn’t very stable.  We’ll probably be taken it apart and using the pieces for another contraption.

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